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CHFGL Powder Mixing Packing Complete Line

    This production line is specially designed and manufactured according to requirements of dry powder materials and particle materials with advanced technology, stable property, high packing precision and high speed. This production line includes bucket elevator, mixer (spiral ribbon type), two silos and spiral conveyor, dust-removing forced draught fan, packing machine and belt conveyor.

    Scope of Application:

    Tile binder: for wall bricks, floor tiles, cultural stones, etc.

    Powder putty

    Concrete power

    Mortar for heat preservation system, like plaster mortar, masonry mortar, etc,  

    Other powder mortars, like gypsum powder, waterproof mortar, etc.


    1. Good Mixing Effect:

    The interior of mixer adopts forward and reverse, double helix and horizontal cylinder structure with rapid mixing speed and high mixing uniformity. It has many advantages such as stable running, reliable quality, low noise, long service life etc.

    2. Environment friendly:

    The energy consumption is low for the whole set of production line and the total power of the smallest type is approximately equal to that of one set of equipment from other manufacturer. The whole process of production adopts airtight dustproof measures to reduce dust pollution in working environment resulting in high level environment protection.

    3. This production line can reduce the material loss to the maximum extent and production cost is duly cut down.

    4. High degree of automation, customers may choose PLC program control, software and hardware control, strong reliability 

    5. Convenient operation, simple adjustment, low failure rate, and easy maintenance 

    Production Capacity: 16-120 ton/day (as per request of customers)

    Reference Case: 2000LPowder Mixing and Filling Production Line List of

    Equipments and Data Sheet

    Technical Data Sheet:

    1. Bucket Elevator

      Conveying Capacity:8 cm3 / h

      Motor Power: 2.2 KW

      Elevating Height:8m

     2. Mixer (Spiral Ribbon Type)

      Total Volume:2000L

      Effective Volume:1200L

      Mixing Time: 15-25 minutes/batch

      Rotation Speed: 40 rpm.

      Motor Power: 15KW

      Seal Mode: packing seal

    3. Silo

       2 pcs of1500Leach

    4. Spiral Conveyor

       Power: 2.2 KW

       Conveying Capacity:8cm3 / h

    5. Packing Machine

       Capacity of each nozzle: 10-15t/h

    Weight of each bag: 20-50kg(adjustable)

    Bag’s percent of pass: 98%

    Weight tolerance of bag: ±0.25-0.5kg

    Motor power of each nozzle: 4kw, impeller type; 5kw, spiral type 

    Characteristics: Adopts advanced weighing equipment and has automatic stop protection function for overweight

    6. Dust-Removing Forced Draught Fan

      Air Output Capacity: 3860-7483 cm3 / h

      Power: 2.2 KW

      Rotation Speed: 1430 rpm.

    7. Belt Conveyor

      Power: 0.75 KW

      Conveying Speed:0.8m/sec.