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ZG Automatic Filling Line

Applicable Scope

1) Applicable to the following industries: Chemical, foodstuff, medicine, cosmetics,

    agriculture chemical, detergent, paint, coating, vegetable oil and petrochemical etc.

2) Diameter of lid to be 50-180 mm. The machine can

    be engineered as per user's requirement.

3) Applicable to filling of round metal or plastic cans.

4) Wet parts are made of SS304.

5) Applicable to cans with height of240 mm

6) The whole line is composed of eight main parts.

7) To connect with air source with air pressure ranging from 0.4 Mpa to 0.6 Mpa.

Main Features

1) This filling line is a program controlled intelligent product that integrates machine,

    electricity and air (Hydraulic lift is available after upgrading )

2) Filling Mode:   A. Gravity filling

Static accuracy:  0.13% max.

Dynamic accuracy: 0.2% max.

B. Plunger pistol type filling

Accuracy: 0.08% max.

3) It can be connected with computer in central control room (optional) to realize remote management.

4) It is equipped with automatic fault stop device.

各部分介绍Introduction to each part:

1. Automatic Can Feeding System

This system is a kind of conical structure turntable which is driven by electric motor and can automatically feed round or rectangular metal or plastic can or container. Rotating speed can be set or adjusted as per request by user.

2. Control Touch-Screen

The touch-screen adopted by the control system matches with human-computer interface. The PLC is the control center. Parameter settings can be altered through touch-screen. The PLC controls motions of correlating executing devices through processing of system status and parameters.

3. Automatic Filling System

It adopts pneumatic, mechanical and computer control. Adjustable filling capacity: 100 ml-5000 ml. The filling part has functions of self- cleaning / washing.  Filling capacity can be set via touch-screen. The level meter automatically controls material feeding.

4. Anti-skin additive Dosing System (Optional) 

It adopts pneumatic plunger pistol and is used for dosing of additive.

5. Lid Dispenser and Feeding System

This system combines mechanical, pneumatic and computer control. It is applicable to fine quality, stackable, non-blocking metal lids with diameters by 40-240 mm. The lifting height of lid bracket and lockup device for varisized lids can be manually adjusted. Varisized separators are allocated according to different diameters of lids.

6. Lid Press-in System

This system adopts mechanical, pneumatic and computer control.

7. Lid Detecting System 

When the device detects lid-missing, the whole line will automatically stop.

8. Conveying System

It adopts electromechanical conveying with chain type to drive transmission. The spacing distance between the

adjacent driving keys is254 mm. The positioning control is by Servo motor and the space between guiding rails is manually adjusted according to the diameter of can.

The spacing distance between guiding rails can be manually adjusted according to packing size.

9. Mechanical/Hydraulic Lifting System

The height can be adjusted by hand wheel/hydraulic pressure to adapt to the height of paint cans within range of 60-250 mm. The center beam supports for lifting of all equipments such as filling system, lid dispenser, lid press-in and lid detecting etc.

10. Labeling machine/ Code Printer (Optional)

The labeling machine has independent conveying system and can automatically stick labels. The code printer is controlled by computer.  

11. Filled Cans Table (Optional) Can be used as packing platform.