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CHFMP Powder Filling Machine


    1.      Adopting big impeller and high-power motor can realize quick packing for floating materials.

    2.      High precision in packing of coarse grinding materials and powder materials with big specific gravity;

    3.      Be blessed with high environmental protection, no dusk leak.

    4.      Be blessed with perfect economic performance and operation performance, greatly reducing the packing cost. Cost-effective.

    5.      Be blessed with good abrasion resistance. Mechanical parts need maintenance because of abrasion, when packing high hardness materials. Some parts like impeller etc are treated by means of high abrasion resistance , hence the service behaviour and service life of the machine are greatly enhanced.

    6.      It adopts mechanical structure like quickly dismantled impeller cover and impeller which facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

    7.  Be blessed with packing function. It adopts vertical impeller to guarantee fast packing. The diameter of impeller can be selected according to different materials. Due to vertical feeding of material,air content in the material is reduced by compressing between material,hence realizing good packing result.  

    Technical Data Sheet

    Packing Weight (kg)


    Packing Speed (bags/Min)


    Manner of Packing

    Valve port

    Power Supply

    3P,380V/220V, 50Hz

    Consumed Power(KW)


    Cooling Air Source


    Dust Collection Air Source

    Min. 4 Kpa0.6 m3/min

    Size ofDischarge Port (mm)


    Weight (kg)


    Shape Size mm(lxwxh)