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SPF-A Sausage Type Automatic Filling Machine
  • SPF-A Sausage type automatic filling machine combines industry production characteristics, mainly used in laminated film tube packing of silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant and such paste materials. The compact horizontal structure with a small size is easy of moving, adopting advanced pneumatic and photoelectric monitoring as well as PLC intelligent control and reliable mechanical structure technology. The procedure mainly includes four closely linked processes of flexible package tube making, PLC precision controlled filling, double end sealing forming and automatic cutting. Production is completely automatic on the integrated working table, no need manual intervention, with accurate filling weight, consistent batches, improving previous segmented processes of tube making-filling-clipping, avoiding problems of cooperation between different working procedures. As a new-type automatic production equipment, it improves product quality, increases production efficiency meanwhile reduces production loss and the performance of sealing is very excellent.

    Main Function:

    1. Automatic pulling packing film with adjustable tension.

    2. Automatic clipping (with Great wall clip, U-shaped clip or other clips) and cutting.

    3. Automatic code printing.

    4. Automatic adjustment of filling capacity.

    5. Heat-seal pressure and temperature can be adjusted.

    6. Automatic counting.

    7. Auto/manual setting filling parameters.

    8. Free choices between manual and automatic mode operation.

    9. Tripping alarm and stop protection.

    Technical Data Sheet

    Filling Speed (pcs/min.)




    Power (KW)


    Electric Control System

    PLC and Human+Machine Interaction

    Compressed Air (Mpa)


    Weight (Kg)

    Approx 1100

    Shape Size (lxwxh)mm

    2500 x 1500 x 1900