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ZB Zirconium Beads


    Zirconium beads are widely applied in ultra-fine powder grinding and dispersion of materials in industries of nonmetal minerals, paints, printing inks, papermaking, electronic materials, magnetic materials, dyestuff, foodstuff and medicine etc.


    1. Lower working cost. 

    2. Good stability, insoluble in any organic or inorganic solvent. 

    3. High bulk density can bring higher grinding efficiency, which is 3~4 times than the traditional ceramic beads.

    4. Micro size of Φ0.2~Φ3.5 mmcan be available which applies to grind in high linear velocity, high viscosity, zero contamination, ultra fineness.

    5. Good flow ability, smooth surface and good sphericity, pore-free, easy cleaning, less abrasion to the machine.

    6. High impact resistance, low abrasion and high mechanical strength can prevent material from contamination during grinding.





    Main Composition

    ZrO2 75 min.

    ZrO2 95 min.

    Specific Density

    5.20~5.30 g/cm3

    5.95~6.05 g/cm3

    Bulk Density

    3.20~3.30 g/cm3

    3.65~3.70 g/cm3

    Resistance to Compression

    2KN min.(Φ2 mm)

    2KN min.(Φ2 mm)

    Hardness in Mohs



    Water Absorption

    0.01 max.

    0.01 max.


    Φ0.6~Φ5 mm

    Φ0.2~Φ3.5 mm