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CHAF Semi-automatic Filling Line for 18/ 20L Barre

    ●The entire line is composed of a conveyor system, automatic single or multiple nozzle filling and weighing system,
        automatic capping system, control system, racks, finished product output system.
    ●The part of exposure to material is stainless steel 304 , and the rest is sprayed carbon steel.
    ●Artificial lifting barrel, automatic filling, automatic separating and capping
    ●The control system of the entire production line is divided into five parts: filling machine, cap-separating machine,
        capper, conveyor line and control cabinet. 
    ●It is mainly suitable for putty, paints, coatings, thinners and other materials.
    Technical Data Sheet

    Volume of barrel

    18.6 kgs

    Filling material

    Decorative putty

    Filling capacity

    300 – 400 Barrels /hour

    Power supply

    380v / 220v±10%V    AC50Hz

    Motor power




    Air Compressor

    0.5 – 0.7 Mpa

    Air consumption

    0.2 m3/min

    Flow rate



    flange DN50 /2”quick connector